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In the year of our Lord 1851, Messrs. Jackson Carson, J. G. Carson, Thomas Stone, Benjamin Fulson, Mrs. E. J Carson and Mrs Sarah Carson, all of whom being found orthodox and orderly, and having first given themselves to the Lord, having written an article of Faith, constituted a Baptist Church of Jesus Christ to be known as Eagle Creek Church.

The presbytery pronouncing them a church as composed of Messrs. James M. Russsell, Anderson W. Bulland and Jefferson Faulkner.

The church being constituted held a conference.  Brother Faulkner acted as moderator.  Brother J. G. Carson was appointed church clerk and Brother A. W. Bulland was chosen as pastor.  Rules of decorum for the government of the church were read and adopted.  The Fourth Lord’s Day in each month and the Saturday before were chosen as a time to hold regular services.

On November 12, 1857, forty and fifteen hundredths acres of land were purchased from Mr. A. C. Smith and his wife, Frances Smith for $20.00 to be used as church property.  Then our gallant forefathers built our first church house of hewn logs.

Unfortunately this church was burned in l878, having caught from a forest fire.  Brother John Patterson fought his way bravely at the age of 18 years through smoke and fire to save the Holy Bible, which was all that was saved.

In the year l879, the second church was built.  This church was built of lumber and was in later years added to and repaired as needed through the years.  Regular services were held from time to time with an increase in membership.

On the second Sunday in October, l944, under the leadership of the pastor, Rev. R. C. Eason, the church went from quarter time to half time, having services on the Second and Fourth Sundays.

On the Fourth Sunday in July, 1946, a Homecoming Day was observed at which time a considerable sum of money was raised on building fund.  Rev. J. W. Lester, a former pastor and home boy submitted a contract that was accepted by the church.  This contract called for the construction of an auditorium, with Sunday School rooms, and a Masonic Lodge over the Sunday School rooms.

On August 9, 1948, the old church building, that was very much beloved by all, was torn down to make room for the brick building that now stands on the site.

On May 8, 1949, this $25,000 building, having been completed, was dedicated at a Special Dedication Service.  Rev. J. W. Lester delivered the message, dedicating each brick, plank, nail and screw to the service of our Master.  At this service, Mrs Luther Lightsey donated a piano to the church in memory of her mother, Mrs. Ella Jackson.

This new building was erected under the fine leadership of our pastor, Rev. L. L. Allen.  Our membership has grown from the original six members to 250 through these 150 years.

In l951, on the 100th anniversary of Eagle Creek Baptist Church a Corner Stone was erected with instructions that it should be opened in the year 2051.  Rev. L. L. Allen served as pastor at this time.

In May of 1985 the auditorium of the Church was remodeled and remains the same today with the exception of the stain glass windows being added in December of 1998.  The Church Fellowship Hall was constructed in 1987, with most of the work being done by members of the Church Family.  After completion of the Fellowship Hall the old kitchen was made into a Pastor’s Study.

The Masonic Lodge was donated to the Church several years ago and was remodeled in 1999 for the Educational Building.

After Rev. L. L. Allen the following pastors have served at Eagle Creek Baptist Church:
Rev. Crowder
Rev. Grady Birtchfield
Rev. Terrell Collins
Rev. Eldridge Holt
Rev. Walter Coleman   May 1972 thru Nov. 1979
Rev. David Tipton     March 1980 thru September l981
Rev. John Christian    April l982 thru December l985
Rev. Ken Griffith         Dec. l985 thru March 1988
Rev. Sam Boyd            July 1988 thru May 1989
Rev. David Johnson     Nov. 1990 to 

Rev. Dr. Tim Thompson
Rev. Taylor Gurley
Rev. Herman Daniels served as Interim Pastor on two different occasions

In August l982 Mike Boone, one of our own, was licensed as a preacher of the gospel and served as a missionary in Africa.

We as a church thank our Heavenly Father for the many blessings He has given us, and may we ever keep the faith of our forefathers and mothers in preserving our church until He comes.